About Vasoudha

Hailing from generations of jewellery makers who have supplied to stores throughout South India, Vasoudha has always had a keen interest in the arts. Drawn towards fashion and accessories, she pursued her fashion design from NIFT. Vasoudha felt the real challenge lay in jewellery design which is more of a three dimensional art form, similar to sculpting or carving. She graduated in Jewellery design from the renowned Gemological Institute of America.
Vasoudha has designed exclusive collections for some of India’s leading jewellers. She finds her inspiration in South Indian art forms with their rich iconography and symbolism. The beauty of these ancient art forms, that can be seen in jewellery of that time as well, is what her jewellery recreates.
In 2016, she opened her first, exclusive jewellery boutique in Jayanagar.

Authentic Craftsmanship

Each and every one of Vasoudha’s pieces has been executed by artisans who have been crafting jewellery with precision for years.

The Essence of the South

Carnatic style of jewels has its origins in mythology and South Indian temple architecture. The motifs that Vasoudha incorporates into her designs have meanings that they symbolise, which can only be brought out through the traditional craftsmanship of local artisans.

Vyjayanthi Hara

The designer does years of research while working with motifs with so much history, culture and meaning. This is evident in her masterpiece, the three and a half foot long Vyjayanthi Hara that she created for Shri Rajarajeshwari Temple, inscribed with divine motifs throughout.
Traditional handcrafted jewellery in the Carnatic style is a vanishing art form and Vasoudha’s designs contribute in their own way towards help in keeping this art form alive.